Orthopedic Bracing

In an effort to offer a variety of high quality products to members of our Provider Network, STYMCO Medical is proud to introduce a selection of orthopedic bracing that will be available as part of our program. If you have questions about our orthopedic braces or would like to inquire about other types of products we can offer, please contact a Summit Med Systems representative at (888) 404-5525.

Lumbar Back Brace

  • Easy to use fabric straps with simple Velcro attachments for closure, enabling ease of application and removal. Patients can quickly adjust the supportive BraceBack,thereby obtaining the desired level of comfort and accommodating all sizes including a pendulous abdomen
  • Encourages a neutral spine posture and helps patients to participate in a more active lifestyle
  • Should be worn tight, but comfortable, to attain the best results and can be worn while sitting, standing, driving, sleeping, playing golf, tennis, or gardening, etc.

Lumbar Back Brace

  • Low-profile compression brace
  • Advanced pulley system to allow adjustments in support and tightness to ensure patient comfort
  • Light weight, breathable, foam with sturdy support inserts

Lumbar Back Brace

  • Lumbar-Sacral Orthosis with sagittal control.
  • Posterior extends from Sacrococcygeal Junction to T-9 Vertebra.
  • Produces intracavitary pressure to reduce load on intervertebral discs.
  • Can be used for patients with waists ranging from 26 to 54 inches in circumference.
  • Innovative pulley system allows patient to easily customize support.

TLSO Back Brace

  • Designed to aid in compression fractures, upper back pain, osteoporosis, and kyphosis
  • Adjustable posterior support
  • Reduces pain and helps increase core strength

Lumbar Traction

  • Indicated for spinal instability, chronic back pain, spinal stenosis, and herniated or bulging discs
  • Unique air pocket system relieves pressure and increases patient comfort
  • Easy-to-use pump and release valve for simple inflation/deflation

Shoulder/Arm Abduction System

The Shoulder/Arm Abduction System is a lightweight, universally-sized alternative to traditional shoulder abductors. Featuring a unique design, it includes telescoping arms, eliminating the need to keep several sizes on hand. A durable, removable, wedge allows shoulder positioning at 0, 15, 30, 60, and 90 degrees. The strapping system also allows it to be worn on the left or right arm with minimal adjustment.


  • Post-operative rotator cuff, elbow, and shoulder injuries
  • Rotator cuff tear and tendonitis at the shoulder
  • Adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder
  • Cumulative trauma/repetitive strain injury
  • Elbow fractures including radial head
  • Stroke and CVA recovery and residual hemiparesis

OA Knee Brace

  • Perfect for patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee
  • 3 points of leverage help reduce pressure inside the knee joint
  • Unique strapping system features quick snaps for easy application
  • Adjustable, bi-lateral ROM hinge
  • Universal sizing -> One size fits all

Hinged Ligament Knee Brace

Hinged Ligament Knee Brace features a polycentric hinge with extension and flexion stop settings. Designed with sports use in mind, it has a soft foam lining for comfort and hook and loop closures for ease of use. It is available in S, M, L, and XL for left and right knees.

  • Soft foam lining with hook and loop closure
  • Polycentric hinge with extension and flexion stop setting
    • Extension Stops: 0°, 10°, 20°, 30° and 40°
    • Flexion Stops: 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°
  • Designed for all sports use

Double Hinged Knee Brace

Double Hinged Knee Brace is made of neoprene with nylon lining. It features an aluminum hinge with flexion and extension pin stop system with covered “clip lock”.

  • Aluminum hinge with flexion and extension
  • Neoprene with nylon lining contour
  • Pin stop system with covered “clip lock”

Adjustable Cam Boot Walker with Air Pouches

Adjustable Cam Boot Walker with Air Pouches is made of comfortable soft foam and is designed to immobilize foot & ankle. It features an air pouch inside the boot for extra comfort, adjustable hook & loop closure, adjustable ROM stop setting, and a cold & shock resistant nylon foot guard.

Premium Ankle Brace

Our premium ankle brace offers more stability than regular ankle supports, providing the foundation for successful ankle injury prevention and treatment. It is a low profile, lightweight ankle brace that prevents abnormal ankle inversion, eversion, and rotation while allowing natural, unrestricted dorsi and plantar-flexion. The combination of soft goods with a rigid, foot plate, and adjustable calf cuff provides unsurpassed levels of control, fit and support.

Hinged Elbow Brace

Our Premium Hinged Elbow Brace is indicated for patients with post surgery and/or related elbow injuries where limited ROM or locked control of the elbow is desired. It can be used as an alternative to casting or repetitive splinting with range of motion flexion/extension control.

Wrist Brace with Thumb / Palm Support

Our Wrist Brace with Thumb / Palm Support has dual aluminum stays for palm & thumb. Adjustable straps with Velcro closure allows for use with a large range of hand and wrist sizes. It is available in Medium and Large sizes for left or right hand.

Cervical Collar

  • Cotton-lined pads designed to enhance skin care by reducing patient contact points in the occipital area.
  • Fully adjustable collar with pivoting occipital panels adds an extra level of support for greater motion restriction.
  • One size adjustable, virtually eliminating waste associated with collar sizing errors.
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