Effects of NRS Therapy

NRS Therapy uses the combined effects of extreme cooling and pressure to produce beneficial physiological effects in the body.

Two Pathways to the Brain

The key to NRS Therapy is the treatment of pain through the COMBINED effects of extreme cooling AND pressure. The pressure component of NRS Therapy allows for the treatment of pain via two pathways to the Thalamus.

Lateral Spinothalamic Tract (Pain & Temperature)

Ventral Spinothalamic Tract (Touch & Pressure)

Potentiation is achieved via the conduction of BOTH tracts!

Physiological Effects


Decreased pain through the inhibition of nociceptors


Immediate suppression of enzymes and decreased inflammation


Deep vasodilation within 20-30 seconds of treatment


Muscle relaxation as a result of myostatic reflex in the medulla

Before & After